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Reaching Your Goal(s) is Inevitable with Us.

A Dream Remains a Dream Without a Goal. Getting People to Their Goal(s) is Our Specialty. Join Team Endorphin Chasers Today.

What We Can Do For You

Get Fit Fast

As certified trainers, we offer a wide range of fitness services and training styles. More than just getting you into shape, we also help with improving endurance, building strength, burning fat, weight loss, and sports-specific training. You can choose from a wide array of existing training options, or you can design your own.

Weight Loss

Feel Good, Look Good

Losing weight is a challenge most people face and the worst part, they don't know where to begin. With Endorphin Chasers Personal Training Club, we offer the newest, most effective forms of cardio to reach any weight loss goal you apply yourself to.

Fitness Nutrition

Daily Eating In the Healthiest Manner

When taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle, nutrition can be just as overwhelming as actually working out, if not more. With Endorphin Chasers Personal Training Club, our Trainers are not only Certified Personal Trainers, but also Certified Specialists in Fitness Nutrition. We help our clients by providing a guide to nutrition that includes: a grocery list, types of diets, and when/how to perform recommended diets, examples of meals on each diet, how to count your macros, and how to keep your eating healthy everyday when not dieting. We make healthy eating affordable and fun by teaching balance with all the foods you love.

Muscle Building

A Stronger You.

My experiences in fitness training include a focus on Muscle Building just as much as  Fat Burning, Fitness Nutrition, or Weight Loss. With many clients, testimonials, and results, we have extreme confidence that as experienced Certified Personal Trainers and Specialists in Fitness Nutrition, we have found the best and most effective way to maximize Muscle Gain while Burning Fat at the SAME time!

" A Great Athlete/Coach/Trainer does not only perform to their highest capability, but helps others reach their full potential. Our passion for fitness is spread, shown and felt through our clients, business, and RESULTS!"

- Toby and Kristy Hernandez

Contact Us

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