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Toby Hernandez

Owner/ Certified Personal Trainer/ Certified Specialists in Fitness Nutrition

Toby Hernandez is a 21 Year Old Certified Personal Trainer with a story that starts no different than most of his clients. He was a heavy set kid growing up, played a couple sports in high school but found his true passion after hitting his lowest point. He stood 5’7, 212lbs. He was Obese, Borderline for High Blood Pressure and Headed towards Diabetes. After his first semester of College, he decided it was time for a change. For the next 2 years, he researched anything and everything towards benefitting his health. He went on numerous diets, workouts, bought countless programs and spent thousands in supplements. He quit and restarted more times than you could count.. but still, the fire inside refused to go out. After what seemed like an eternity of trial and error, he was able to condition himself from 212lbs to standing 5’9, 148lbs. Now he had a new problem... NO MUSCLE. What seemed impossible for so long, he was now super slim and still as uncomfortable with himself as being 212lbs. So the fire lit back up and the process once again.. became an obsession. He researched.. he did enough reps and sets for 10 humans. But still would not gain the muscle he believed he deserved. Just when all hope was almost lost, he went at it one last time. More research, hours on YouTube, hours on the internet, millions of questions asked to google, countless books read. Again.. through trial and error and many failures .. he did it. He built himself from 148lbs to a whopping 165lbs at 8%bf and satisfied. Since then, he remains comfortable around 10%bf and 165-175lbs. Toby became a Certified Personal Trainer in Early 2017 and has enjoyed changing lives each and everyday through personal training. He’s been both extremely overweight & underweight he feels he’s discovered a way to reach any goal. He believes this would not have been possible without the Support of his Wife, Kristy Hernandez, 2 daughters Mia Mai & Stella Hernandez, his Brothers, and Parents. More recently, Toby became A Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and includes: A Grocery List, Types of diets, Daily Macro Count, Meal Examples and 24/7 Text & Email access in his Personal Training. When we say @endorphinchasersptc knows where to begin, we really mean... We Know Where To Begin. Come in for a free consultation with owners and Personal Trainers, Toby or Kristy.

Kristy Hernandez

Owner/ Certified Personal Trainer/ Certified STRONG by Zumba Instructor

Kristy Nicole Hernandez is a Certified personal Trainer who loves helping and seeing people grow! She has had her up and downs with weight control and the usual post baby pouch after two beautiful babies. It wasn’t easy training and getting back into the groove of things but it was definitely possible! Some days She would Literally stare at her body and think She was never going to look the same again. Her goal is to change this mindset in others!! She believes it’s never too late, she believes you should never just be satisfied, she wants YOU to be the best you possible! Not only does she want you to better yourself Physically, she wants you to better yourself Mentally and emotionally!